Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I’m going overseas people for a somewhat cheap holidays people.. hahhaaha.. Well Singapore is overseas right? And that is where I am going.. back home to the loving arms of my mother. I plan to do stuff tourist do when they go on vacation. I want to relax, do some shopping, catch up with friends and eat! lol! Of course my loyal laptop will be with me for emergency work but I hope that will be kept to the very minimal, thus the last minute crunching with my client in the States.

Anyway, joke aside, this trip is way overdue as my mom meds is up to the very last dose and if I don’t go back this week, she could very well get her asthma attack again and that is definitely a no-no.

I still have not packed a thing but I have bought all that mommy wanted me to buy. I am also carrying some very precious cargo this time. A friend of mine has ordered some macaroons here and requested me to bring them back to Singapore for her. So I will be getting a box myself and I will write a review about that at my food blog, hopefully before I go.

Calendar february

Calendar by Emila Yusof

Oh I can’t believe it’s 1st February already and the month of love is upon us.. I hope your January was as productive as mine was and here’s to a fantastic brand new month!


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