Wednesday, March 28, 2012

On my visit to the doctor on Monday, I was supposed to get a date for my surgery but instead the surgeon explained to me that seeing how they are still not sure about the status of my “solid mass” they insisted that I for a CT scan to rule out ovarian malignancy before proceeding to remove my cyst.

I was scheduled to go for CT scan this morning at 9.15am. I fasted as instructed since 5.15am and was all ready for my first ever CT scan. Nervous? Of course.. since this was my first time but after reading up on risk and things and also talking to a few friends who had experienced it before, I was prepared.


The missed out Meds

So we got to the hospital bright and early. After changing to the x-ray drapery fabrics gown that consist of the gown and a kimono style outer robe, the nurse brought me to another room to get me prep. She did a preliminary checklist and noticed that I had declared I have asthma. She asked me if I had taken the “prednisoLone” that the doctor had given me. I asked her what’s that and she looked a little panic to be honest. I explained that the doctor didn’t give me any such meds. She asked me to wait a bit while she checked with the CT doc (is that what they are called?). She came back a few moments later and told me that since I was not properly prepared for the CT scan, they fear that I may have an allergic reactions to the contrast dye.

So guess what? I got my “prednisoLone” and a new appointment for tomorrow morning. Erggg.. I could strangle the doctor for making such a careless mistake in not prescribing me the meds but like I told my mom, there must be a blessing somewhere. I mean look at it this way. Normally CT scan appointments are almost always full, what are the odds that I got another one the very next day after my postponed date.. correct?

Anyhow, I’ve taken my first does at 9.30pm and my second dose is at 7.30am tomorrow morning. Wish me luck for tomorrow ya.. Oh and if anyone of you has done CT scan before, so share your experience..


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