Monday, April 23, 2012

Now that my surgery date is finalized, me and Azwaj have a much clearer picture of when we can plan our vacation. It will definitely be sooner then later and I can’t wait.

Although some sort of Portugal holidays would be nice, this time around however, it’s more about the room or suite than anything else. I mean who wouldn’t enjoy a Portugal holiday with the wonderful weather, golden sand beaches, the luxurious hotel at economical prices and tourist attraction but since we would have already spent a bundle on my surgery, we wanted to keep this vacation local. Portugal would have to wait till another day 🙂

Having said that, we still want a local hotel that meet our wishlist. What’s our wishlist? Well we want a beautiful room for one as we also plan to take lots of pictures. We want a bathtub or a Jacuzzi if possible and on top of everything else, we want a private pool.  Unfortunately since the pool is not the heated kind (at least we don’t think so), we plan to go during a hot season so we can totally enjoy the pool. I mean one can’t expect to be able to swim too much if the water is too cold right?

Anyway, check out this beautiful hotel in Portugal. I hope the local hotel that we’ve chosen will be as nice!


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