Thursday, April 12, 2012

coffeeEach morning these days, I start my day by drinking a glass of plain water followed by my vitamin C drink which literally makes me full and no place in my tummy for another cup of coffee. I didn’t feel like I needed coffee so I went by two days in a row without a drop of coffee in my body. Then on day three I started developing headaches and noticed that I became easily sleepy. I decided to make a cup of coffee and you know what, my headache disappeared and my sleepiness gone. OMG I just realized that what I was experiencing was probably minor withdrawal symptoms.  I once was immune to coffee but now I am dependent on it? This is NOT good.

So, so in order to reduce this dependency, I know I got to cut down my coffee intake. Now I take like only two cups in a day instead of making it my staple drink.  I still experience headache sometimes and when that happens (like today) I make another cup of coffee or I go to bed… yeap am sleeping a lot these day.. lol!



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