Wednesday, August 1, 2012

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? With so many beautiful places in the world, we are definitely spoiled for choice.

I’ve never lived anywhere else apart from Singapore and Malaysia and to tell you honestly I think I would miss it too much to really move anywhere.

When I moved from Singapore to Malaysia, it wasn’t really a big deal as although most things are different, the sense of familiarity is still there. The language is the same (albeit a little different slang wise), the food is the same and well Singapore is only a few hours away. That being said, I wouldn’t mind owning overseas property perhaps in Paris (always fancy living there.. don’t ask me why coz the answer would just be .. because.. lol) or somewhere closer to home would be in Bali. I mean how awesome would it be to be able to live in your very own home while enjoying what that city or country have to offer. A home away from home.. .. that sounds so awesome!

Anyway.. yeah I wouldn’t mind owning a property in Bali.. I love Bali. I love the beaches, I love the people and their culture and most of all I love all that shopping! lol!

LJ in Bali (1992)

Oh quick shoutout to my beloved Azwaj.. Happy birthday my love!!! Love Love Love you!!



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