Friday, October 12, 2012

All of us know the importance of intimacy in a relationship. For me, it is an ultimate extension of love that me and Azwaj share and that greatly strengthen the bond that we have as husband and wife. Some people may say that intimacy waiver as the couple get older as other responsibilities get priorities but we found that it just gets better with age.. lol!

Having said that, have you heard of “Empowered Products Empo Innovative Products For Wellness and Self Healing“. Well they sell sensual lubricants and libido-enhancing supplements. According to their website their woman product named “PINK” embraces the essence of what is female which is sexy, confident, playful, loving and of course unique. Pink lubricants, body care and sexual supplements promises each and every intimate experience is the most pleasurable and fulfilling it can be. The products for men called “GUN OIL”  offers men a line of high quality lubricants and sexual wellness products that turbo charge their sexual life and promote elevated sexual enjoyment and health.


With assurance like that why won’t couples give it a try right? Well why not take up their free offer and request for your  “HAPPY PACK” right tnow. I know I did.. lol!


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