Wednesday, October 31, 2012

If it was not dark and the dj lighting was a tad bit brighter, I am sure my face would not so blurred out here.. lol!

ladyjava at cityrush launch oct 2012

Me on Walk of Fame? lol!

Seriously though, I had a fab time with blogging buddy Emila (who invited me to tag along to this event.. thanks Ems).  Luna bar is an awesome place to have a party, that’s for sure. I love the ambiance, the pool, the comfy seat was awesome  and the food was not bad either. There was celebrities of course and  I wish I had the opportunity to take photos with them.


Me On Comfy Seats


I’m too tired right now to write a review about the launch after puking myself out the whole of last night  but don’t worry it was not the food there.  It was just something I guess though not sure what it was.. Anyway, review of the event is coming soon!



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