Thursday, October 11, 2012

I was with a friend recently and I was complaining about how much weight I have gained since I got married and how I simply hate my double chin. However this friend told me that although I am slightly over my ideal weight, I am in no way fat. I basically need to tone myself more than anything. She also told me that the “double chin” that I have is not because of my weight gain but rather because of aging. She recommended me a moisturizing cream that she is using and I am trying it out to see how it will help me.

There are so many ways to combat the process of aging nowadays. While most people only use over the counter products like creams and serum, there are others who wants fast ways to get rid of aging lines. Some people don’t mind going under the knife with their trusted plastic surgery surgeons while others prefer a less intrusive procedure that are non-surgical with minimal downtime for their transformation.

If it were up to me, I would prefer the less intrusive procedure every time (as in my keyhole surgery in May). Below is a video of Dr. Gavin Chan of the Victorian Cosmetic that shows how a dermal filler is used for cheek augmentation. Dermal fillers are used for a variety of treatment. They can revolumise areas of the face to non-surgically enhance the shape of the face, or to lift the face, as you can see from the video.

I must admit I was cringing away as I was watching the video but the patient looked really calm and there is any blood so that sort of calm me as well… and when I think about going under the knife for the same results, I think this procedure wins hands down for me.


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