Thursday, July 18, 2013

A wedding is an occasion to be remembered. A bride and groom want a quality photographer who can capture all the highlights of their special day. They expect the photos to be plenty and in crisp, clear condition. If you aspire to do wedding photography in St. Louis, be sure that you know what it takes to succeed. You’ll need to learn how to operate and practice with your equipment and how to take tips from the masters.

Equipment and Practice

As a photographer, you need to be very familiar with the workings of your instrument. Learn about capturing light through coming to understand more about adjusting exposure, ISO, and aperture. Know which exposures are suited to which lighting settings. Additionally, you should be familiar with your camera model’s flash system, memory storage, and battery duration. Be sure you practice with your camera frequently so you can know how to create a quality photo without fumbling around with the instrument too much beforehand. See if you can get friends to pose for you in various settings for optimal practice. Furthermore, you should learn how to edit photos. Explore the features of image editing software to get a feel for how to work it.

Learning from the Masters

All artists have benefited from looking at another craftsman’s technique. Thumb through photo magazines to see what shots you like and don’t care for as much. These publications can give you how-to guides as well. You may also benefit from online instructional videos for a quality demonstration on taking and editing photographs. Many aspiring photographers get a lot out of shadowing or assisting an established professional. You can see how a pro does it and incorporate these tips and techniques into your own craft. Not only will you learn about how to make quality pictures but also how to perform business interactions. You’ll see how to do sales, what costs are involved, how much to charge a customer, what shots are taken, and what equipment is needed. An internship is a good route to take if you want to take advice from a professional photographer who does wedding photography in St. Louis.


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