Monday, July 8, 2013

Are you bored with your home? Maybe you’re tired of just a room? Do you like to daydream about mixing it up and switching things around so you enjoy your living spaces more? Have you considered making changes to your house, but are unsure of how or if you’ll do a good job? There are many options for interior design in St. Petersburg, FL, so whether you want to hire a designer or do it yourself, here are some interior design basics to get you started.


Color—color will change a lot about a room. You can set the mood by choosing a color that invokes certain feelings and give the room character.

Form—this is the shape of any given object and needs to be paid attention to especially in reference to the other forms in the room.

Line—the line of objects in the room is the direction they face or lead you to focus on.

Mass—the size of object that use up space in your room.

Texture—how things literally feel or also look. The textures in a room can change the overall feel as well.


Focal Point—this is the main point of a room and the place where a viewer’s eye is always pulled back. Whether it is the TV or bed, be sure to know what your focal point is.

Scale and Proportion—scale is literally how big an object is, while proportion refers to it in comparison to the other object sizes in the room. This will make a big difference in selecting furniture, wall hangings, etc.

Harmony and Unity—harmony is how well things work together and complement each other, while the unity is simply whether they all belong in the same room. Obviously each piece you select should be harmonious with the rest of the room and look/feel that it belongs there.

Contrast – this goes hand-in-hand with harmony and unity. The contrast is the difference between any of the basics mentioned above. Slowly add contrast to the room while being sure to keep the unity there.

Variety – this will keep the room from being dull and hopefully help you express yourself more.

Now you are can do your own interior design in St. Petersburg, FL, or find a designer to help you with any stage in the process.



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