Wednesday, July 10, 2013

At a salon in Boston that includes spa services, there are many things you can partake of. In the salon, you can choose from all things hair, nails, and make-up, as well as all the products that go along with them.  The spa offers body work, body treatments, tanning, therapies, hair removal, and facials.

Salon Services

You can have your hair cut, cut and blown dry, bangs trimmed, shampooed and styled, just styled, straightened, curls added, or an updo. If you want color or highlights, they can do that as well.  They will start up and touch up locks. Balyage can be done in the salon and was developed in the 70s and is coloring and highlighting done by hand. Perms are available along with hair extensions and retexturing, restructuring, and repair treatments. If you are blow drying your hair all of the time, have too many curls, frizzy hair, dull hair, or find yourself using a flat iron often, you may want to look into a keratin treatment. The cost for a treatment varies depending on how short or long your hair is.

On your wedding day you will want to look fabulous. Not only do you want to look fabulous, but you want everyone in your wedding party to look fabulous as well. The technicians at the salon are prepared to get everyone in your wedding party booked on the big day and there is even an expert that will sit down with you to figure out what everyone needs and how long it will take. They want everyone to have a good experience and leave looking just like you want them to and maybe even better than you or they could have imagined.

Spa Services

Your wedding party would benefit from a visit to the spa before the big day. After a massage and one of the many body treatments, they could spend a little time bronzing their skin. With all the time, effort, and chaos that seem to go into wedding preparations, taking advantage of the spa and salon in Boston will tone the tension down. For hair and body services, a spa and salon is one-stop shopping.



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