Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Many people visit a massage therapist on a regular basis to help their bodies relax. Both mental and physical stress factors can cause the muscles in your body to tense. Receiving a massage is a great way to combat these effects. Although all types of massage help to relax the body and mind, different techniques, or modalities, offer various benefits. Clients that are primarily looking for relaxation would likely enjoy a Swedish massage, which is a lighter technique that works the upper tissues. However, deep tissue massage is appropriate for clients that have aches and pains or simply want to achieve a deeper state of muscle relaxation. This technique can be useful for individuals with chronic pain or temporary pain that may have been caused by an injury. Click here to learn more about pain relief with deep tissue massage.

Deep Tissue

Unlike other techniques, the focus of deep tissue massage is to reach the deepest layers of your muscles and their connective tissues. A trained massage therapist will talk to you about any problem areas where you might be experiencing discomfort and tailor the session to your needs. Deep tissue is perfect for targeting any knots and muscle adhesions. By loosening up these tissues and breaking up adhesions, pain should lessen or disappear. Additionally, after your muscles have been worked, your flexibility and range of motion will increase. Individuals that experience pain from conditions like osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia can receive much relief from deep tissue massage.

Choose the Right Therapist

Working with the right massage therapist for you will help you achieve better results. A great therapist will be in tune with your needs from start to finish. They will learn about the pain you are experiencing and where that pain might be coming from. During the massage, they will ask for feedback so they know how much pressure your body can tolerate. This will help them to give the right amount of time to specific areas of your body. Your therapist should always be concerned with your level of comfort. Click here to find a licensed massage therapist, and help your body become free from pain.


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