Sunday, September 22, 2013

caesars palace


I awoke in a beautiful suite at the Caesar’s Palace and a luxurious room it was. The bed was huge and comfy that makes me feel like I don’t want to wake up. The view was amazing and most importantly was the smell of coffee that Azwaj had probably ordered for breakfast. Ah this is the life I thought.. lol!

After rolling around and falling asleep for another 10minutes, it was really time to wake up. After all I was in Las Vegas! After breakfast, we decided that today we didn’t feel like venturing outside and decided to explore Caesar’s Palace instead. With their casinos, restaurants, shows and things to do at the property, we are sure we would enjoy ourselves totally today.

Because both of us were not really gamblers, we just loiter around the blackjack tables, watched as people played roulette and crabs and after we were tired of that, we tried our luck on the slot machines. We didn’t win anything and stopped after we both lost the money we set aside for that.

Then we checked out what shows we could watch. Celine Dion was in the house people. So yeah we bought tickets for that one. I mean what is Las Vegas if not to watch and experience Celine Dion at the Caesar’s Palace right? Since the show was going to be at 7.30pm, we had time for a spa treatment at the Qua Bath & Spa. We went for the couple’s massage and I did my nails 🙂

We returned to the room, had an early dinner delivered to our room and got ready for the show… and an awesome show it was.. Bedtime was midnight.

I had an awesome time in Las Vegas… in my dreams that is.. lol!


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