Sunday, September 27, 2015

Being a wife to a guitar player, I am always discovering new and awesome guitars and one of them has to be the folding guitar. I mean look at how compact it can be once you fold away the neck. It most definitely be easier to carry out. I actually asked Azwaj if it would sound just as good as the normal guitar and he says “of course”. If you want to check out this cute lil thing.. you can head on over to Musician friend. Too bad they don’t deliver to Malaysia.

folding guitar

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Friday, September 25, 2015

If you have recently become the owner of your very own new restaurant, you have already accomplished a great deal more than most of your peers will ever be able to boast about. But it isn’t time just yet to sit back on your laurels and wait for the proceeds to start rolling in. Before you can open up your doors to the public, you will need to make sure that all of the necessary supplies and fixtures are in place.

When Shopping For Your Business, It Pays To Be As Specific As Possible

For example, if you are searching for a new refrigerator, you ought to be aware that it will not do you any good whatsoever to simply drive down to your local Walmart and buy the first model that seems priced for your budget. You ought to understand that there is a specific type (actually, more than one) of refrigerator used in restaurants, and that you will need to be equally specific when it comes to purchasing the model that is right for your new restaurant. Otherwise, you’re simply wasting your time and your money.

Where Can You Find All Of The Restaurant Supplies That You Need?

When it comes to finding all of the various essential supplies that you will need in order to successfully open your new restaurant, there is really only one place that has all of the necessary qualifications to be fit the bill. That place is the Internet. Since its debut over two decades ago, the world wide web has become the world’s leading vendor of goods and services, and for good reason. Why makes things more complex than they need to be? Instead of having to drive over a hundred miles to find some obscure part, you can order it straight off the web and have it come to you.

Shopping Over The Internet Is The Best Way To Save Time And Money

Shopping over the Internet is simply the very best to save time and money. After all, you’re in this business to make a profit, so it behooves you to find the very best possible deal for the very best possible price. Using the Internet to order all of your essential goods and services is the easiest, most convenient, and cost effective way in which to proceed.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

There is something special about being out on or in the water. There are a number of great ways to enjoy the water for people of all ages. Great options to consider makes a river, lake or ocean experience quite enjoyable.

A Boating Excursion
Getting out in a boat on the water can be thrilling. Children and adults may bring some fishing equipment along and can fish for a wide variety of creatures. After all, fishing is a wonderful way for people to relax and get rid of stress. Some enjoy the excitement of getting a fighting fish on the line. Others like the peace and tranquility of continuous casting. People are welcome to go water skiing or have a fun ride on an inner tube as a boat pulls them along. A personal watercraft can make time go extremely fast as an individual or couple enjoys the water. A sunset can look quite fantastic when it is experienced on the water. When all the fun is done for the day, there are plenty of ways that a boat can be stored, such as Lunmar boat lifts. The result is that boat owners can have peace of mind when the experience is complete.

Swim Time
While being on the water is awesome, another way to experience the water is to be in it. It is great to cool off in the water when the day is hot and humid. Others love the water when it is warm like bath water. Children love to play in the water as they experience gentle waves rolling over them. Beach balls, flotation devices and other marvelous toys can make an outing even better. The passing hours can seem just like a few moments that have passed by as a result of the fun that is being experienced. When the waves get stronger, adults have enjoyment bobbing and riding the surf. A surf board, boogie board and other similar devices can provide a nice challenge to those who like to be on and in the water.

Whether people decide to be on or in the water, bringing a great meal along can certainly enhance the event. Other people prefer to eat out afterwards at a restaurant in order to receive protein and other necessary nourishment. Although temperatures can change how warm or cool water feels, people can still have a wonderful experience.

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Make up is known to be one of the important beauty must-haves for women to own from lipsticks, powder, foundation, mascara, eyeliner, blusher and more. However, every woman knows that eyes play a very important role for a first impression. Get those eye make up look going on and go through your day feeling confident. For the ladies who have no idea on the types of eye make up to pull off, there are three eye make up for women to implement in their routine.

  1. Cat Eyes

Do you remember Amy Winehouse who put an extravagant cat eye makeup as her signature look? The look gained attention of many women around the world. Everyone created their own cat eye look which helps enhances their eyes making it appear bigger. Asian girls would love the cat eye makeup but it is advisable to attempt a more simple touch to it. Apply a slight tint and a corner ending for a polished appearance.

cat eye


  1. Sexy Smokey Eyes

You do not necessarily have to pull off that dark mysterious look like Avril Lavigne or Taylor Momsen. Use a simple neutral earth tone shade on your eyelid which is one shade lighter than your skin. Apply a brownish colour of eyeshadow in the crease and the lower half of your bottom lid. After that, top up the look with a dab of black, grey or dark brown to create depth. To finish the eye makeup look, apply a slight tint of black eyeliner and you will achieve that elegant sexy smokey eye. The best part is smokey eyes can be pulled off by women of any skin tone due to its versatile colour element.

Smokey Eye


  1. Go Neutral

It is a great way for ladies who are always out and about to apply the natural eye makeup look. This is because it makes you expose that natural beauty without putting much effort and energy into it. With only a dab of light blush such as pink, coral or brown matte depending on your skin tone, it can definitely make you look fresh. Curl your eyelashes, apply mascara and you are set to go.


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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Azwaj had a jamming session last night with a friend and it was awesome. He was with his yamaha guitar and his friend was playing bass. He had his amplifier out and everything . One thing missing was a singer.

I was working in the home office but it sure feels like I was at some pub listening so some live music. I was also munching on some chips and was having my very own three layer tea. Super awesome!

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

While mommy was here in KL in January, she made a BIG decision. And by BIG I mean HUGE! She decided to move to KL (gasp!). It wasn’t planned or discussed. It just happened and before I knew it, I was back in Singapore, planning to meet housing agents, movers and renovation contractors to rent the unit, move mom’s stuff to KL and renovate the bedroom floor that had somewhat warp, in that order. We decided on the move date and I went home to KL. It was so surreal until March. That’s when the move happened.

Well, the move from Singapore went smoothly. It was back breaking packing (I hate packing) and the bedroom is now looking awesome and even as I’m writing it, the new family occupying our home there is enjoying their time there. Mom’s stuff from Singapore is arriving this week to KL and then the unpacking happens.. (OMG!)

moving boxes

Anyway, both me and Azwaj are very excited and thrilled that Mommy is here to stay. For now she needs to go back to SG monthly to get her visa stamped but we will definitely be working on that so she does not have to that that in the future. I guess the transition time is good so she does not have any culture shock. She told me that she feels like she is on holiday now instead of going through a permanent move which I guess is a good thing so she won’t feel too overwhelmed.

My mommy is with me again so YEAY.. time to celebrate!


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Friday, February 27, 2015

Sad to say, since my first mani/pedi session in 2013, I have not gone for another one since then. It’s not because I didn’t want to but because there were so many other offers that more enticing than just a session to do my nails that I could probably do myself with the proper pedicure tools.

Yes I am a Groupon kinda girl and I take pride in getting some awesome offers in the process and yes if I get one mani/pedi offer that is simply too hard to miss, I’d probably take it up and give some TLC to my nails but for now, some DIY session at home will have to do!


Cut and File


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