Sunday, April 12, 2015

While mommy was here in KL in January, she made a BIG decision. And by BIG I mean HUGE! She decided to move to KL (gasp!). It wasn’t planned or discussed. It just happened and before I knew it, I was back in Singapore, planning to meet housing agents, movers and renovation contractors to rent the unit, move mom’s stuff to KL and renovate the bedroom floor that had somewhat warp, in that order. We decided on the move date and I went home to KL. It was so surreal until March. That’s when the move happened.

Well, the move from Singapore went smoothly. It was back breaking packing (I hate packing) and the bedroom is now looking awesome and even as I’m writing it, the new family occupying our home there is enjoying their time there. Mom’s stuff from Singapore is arriving this week to KL and then the unpacking happens.. (OMG!)

moving boxes

Anyway, both me and Azwaj are very excited and thrilled that Mommy is here to stay. For now she needs to go back to SG monthly to get her visa stamped but we will definitely be working on that so she does not have to that that in the future. I guess the transition time is good so she does not have any culture shock. She told me that she feels like she is on holiday now instead of going through a permanent move which I guess is a good thing so she won’t feel too overwhelmed.

My mommy is with me again so YEAY.. time to celebrate!


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