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A weekend away with friends in a world-renowned location can be a great experience and this doesn’t have to be just a summer vacation idea. In fact, among the best places for an action packed adventure like this is the popular ski resort of Chamonix.

Nestled high in the French Alps, Chamonix is the sort of place where you can have a weekend filled with fun and laughter for all the right reasons. Having an enjoyable weekend here is something that you can do very easily.  

Leave Your Cares Behind for a Couple of Days

Ideally, the weekend is the time when you can recharge your batteries and forget all about your cares and concerns for a couple of days. This can be difficult to do at home but it comes naturally when you are in a very special place like Chamonix.

From the first moment that you set your eyes on the snowy slopes and the massive Mont Blanc you will begin to relax. It is almost impossible to feel stressed and worried when you are surrounded by such outstanding natural beauty.

The physical act of skiing is also wonderful for making you live the moment and forget about everything else. You will simply love gliding down the snow and feeling truly alive with your friends by your side.

Skiing is tiring and it is a brilliant feeling to come off the slopes at the end of the day exhausted but full of life.  

By doing this you can go all home afterwards feeling wonderfully refreshed. You will feel ready to take on new challenges and get back to normal life with more energy than ever before.

Stay in Amazing Accommodation

Weekend ski trips are also incredible fun because they give you and your friends the chance to stay in fantastic accommodation. This is a chance to stay somewhere great in a location that you won’t forget in a hurry.

One classic option is to spend the weekend in a comfortable ski chalet. These places offer the chance to enjoy some true Alpine luxury and comfort in a great setting.

The chance to eat together in the chalet is another advantage to staying in this type of accommodation in Chamonix. This is an opportunity to enjoy French Alpine cuisine and spend some quality moments together as a group.    

Another option is to choose to stay in a hotel in Chamonix. There are a number of terrific hotels to choose from here and many give you exciting facilities such as pools, hot tubs and quality restaurants.

Enjoy the Food and Drink

Eating and drinking with your group is one of the great pleasures of life when on short ski breaks with friends. This gets even better when you do it in a picturesque setting and with a relaxed frame of mind in such a welcoming spot.

The massive popularity of Chamonix means that it is packed with lots of brilliant bars, clubs and restaurants. Finding somewhere to have a great time together is going to be easy when you are here.

In terms of places to eat, some of the best options in town are to be found at the likes of L’impossible, Le Bistrot and Alpage de Balme. The range of eateries runs from modest little restaurants to incredible lavish places with expensive menus.

You also want be short of somewhere to sit down for a few drinks and some laughs. The après ski scene in Chamonix is thrilling and offers a lot of variety for party lovers.

Among the favourites here that never lose their appeal are the Monkey Bar, Les Marmottons and Elevation 1904. Whether you want live music, big screen sports or a chilled atmosphere, there is something here to suit you perfectly.

The time that you pass eating and drinking together is certainly likely to be among the highlights of the entire trip. Be sure to take the time to explore a few different spots in and around the town in order to sample the atmosphere in each of them.

The Skiing Experience

Of course, the skiing is likely to be the main element of your trip here, even if it is far from being the only fun thing that you do. The good news in this respect is that Chamoinx is an amazing place to go whizzing down the slopes with a bunch of friends.

 The size and variety of the skiing area here means that there is somewhere that is right for everyone. Newcomers to skiing can get started easily here, while more experienced skiers can have the time of their lives and really challenge their skills.

If you love skiing then you could easily spend all day out on the slopes. If you aren’t quite as wildly keen on the sport then this is simply another part of the trip to enjoy while you are here.

Just getting out on the ski lifts and soaking up the magnificent views here is a pleasure in its own right, regardless of how much skiing you do while you are here. However, if you want to truly test your skiing ability and enjoy the pistes then there are few better places on the planet to do it.

Other Fun Things to Do

It would be a mistake to think that a weekend trip to Chamonix with friends is only about the things that we have already looked at. As much fun as all of that sounds, there are other enticing activities here to keep you busy.

Among the things that you can do here are exciting adventures such as scaling Mont Blanc, ice climbing, dog sledding and snowshoeing.

If you want something a bit more laid back then a trip to the popular Parc d’Attractions guarantees a good time. The truth is that you will never be short of fun things to do while you are here.

It Is So Easy to Do    

While all of that might sound fantastic in theory, you could be wondering just now how difficult it is to make a trip to Chamonix. After all, you don’t want your long-awaited weekend to just slip away from you due to long flights and never-ending airport transfers.

Thankfully, getting to beautiful Chamonix is a lot easier than many people imagine it will be. For instance, if you are travelling from the UK then it is just a short flight and airport transfer to the resort.

In this way, you will be settled into the local bar or restaurant a few hours after setting out, and ready to make the most of this ski break. This is an important point because it means that the whole group should feel refreshed and full of energy right from the start.

The fact that the trip can be booked easily online also means that it is easy to sort out a group trip even if you all have different commitments at home. You don’t want the possibility of a tremendous trip like this to slip through your fingers, do you?

If you want to enjoy the trip of a lifetime with some special people then Chamonix is an ideal destination. Give it a try and you will see how it can give even the strongest friendship an extra boost.       



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