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Thursday, August 24, 2017

It was a nice Thursday morning. Nice weather, no sign of rain and everything was going as planned. Azwaj and I had a light breakfast and around 8.15am, we left our house to run some errands. Traffic was good, the sun wasn’t out yet so it was a nice cool ride. Perfect, everything was perfect until, we turned the corner at Bulatan Kampung Pandan.. then WHAM!

oil slick

Some oil slick was on the road at the corner and before we knew it we were on the ground, “gliding” with the motorbike on the hard road for several seconds. When the motorbike finally stopped, the first thing I said was “What happened?!” I was in shock and I can’t even remember if I screamed when we fell (A said I didn’t). The next thing I knew A was on his feet, there were a two other riders that stopped and helped pick up the bike. I couldn’t get up. There was pain on my knee but as my jeans were not ripped, I didn’t know what the wound actually looked like. All I knew was my knee hurt and I could not move my leg although it wasn’t squashed by the motorbike. It was only after A helped remove my leg then only I was able to move and limped slowly to the side of the road.

It seems when we were going down and “gliding”, Azwaj had, with his utmost strength, held on to the bike so that the bike would not fall on our legs when it eventually stopped. In the process.. well.. lets let the pictures do the talking..

My injury was still unknown at this point because it was covered by my jeans but we could see bleeding so we know there was a wound there only we don’t know to what extent.

Once we were home…

Well, the day didn’t go as planned but we are still thankful. Thankful that there was no vehicle behind us when we fell. Thankful that the other rider didn’t fall alongside us causing more injury. Thankful that although we were badly bruised and wounded, we didn’t break or sprained anything. Thankful we are experiencing all this pain which means all our body is functional and last but definitely not least.. thankful we are still alive.

We are hurting and the painkiller is our new best friend for now but the healing process is progressing nicely.

Keep us in your prayers ya… Amen

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