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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

When we moved in our new home last November, we had the shock of our life. The old tenants didn’t do a good of cleaning the house and the kitchen cabinets looked like they have not been cleaned for a very long time. Emphasis on the LONG. Anyway, we spoke to the owners about it and they were willing to do the repairs before we moved in. Fast forward two months later, the kitchen was sporting new look, complete with new wood veneer sheets and we were a much happier after that!

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Monday, March 3, 2014

… No Water at my condo area on the cheap zt amplifiers! lol! Anyways, I don’t think it’s because of the water rationing but we suspect that it has something to do with the water pump. Why? Because if it was water rationing, then the whole condo area would be without water but no.. there is water at the other blocks, at the mini mosque downstairs and the toilets next to the swimming pool. And guess what? There is where me and Azwaj showered tonight.. lol!

Happy Monday all.. here’s wishing a fruitful week ahead!


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Thursday, September 12, 2013

When we moved in this apartment, the kitchen cabinets were already there. We don’t actually know how long the cabinets were already in place but since it was still usable, we didn’t do anything to replace it. Azwaj just needed to get some welding supplies and reweld some lose hinges and all seems to be working fine. Recently though some of the door don’t seem to shut close and because of that the kitties are having fun trying to open the door. We even caught Awan with his head in between the door one door.. lol.. Oh well, time to tighten the hinges again I reckon 🙂


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Saturday, March 17, 2012

I am not sure what’s going with my condo area but ever since Thursday, water pressure have been really low with water trickling down instead of gushing out. Then I thought they were doing something to rectify the matter when they shut off water supply on Friday. Obviously I was wrong because when the water came back on at 7pm, it was the same situation. I was so mad last night that I was banging stuff, cursing at everything and just ranting away. Azwaj knew to just stay out of the way. He even made sure the kitties didn’t disturb me.

trickling water

Anyway, I called the management office today to complain and asked them to explain why they didn’t rectify the matter when they had the whole day on Friday to do what is necessary. The clerk explained that the water was shut down yesterday because one of the units needed to change water pipes and so that was why the water was shut off and not for the reason I thought. She got the resident plumber to come down to our unit to take a look. The plumber came, did some checking and then left. I thought he was going to come back but after an hour and still no sight of him, I called the management office again. The same clerk told me that there were a few more complaints after I called and so the plumber was called back to the office and asked to check on the water tanks on the roof. I was also told that there will be another water shut off on Monday and this time it was to do maintenance on the water tanks. OMG! Can you imagine how livid I was?

Times like this I wish I could escape and run off on a vacation. Right about now some cheap holidays to goa sounds absolutely divine.  Relaxing on the beautiful white sand beaches with nothing to worry about except getting that perfect tan is just what I need.  Of course checking out the art, architecture, music and cuisine present in Goa holidays does not sound bad either.

Anyway, the low water pressure is not rectified till now and there is no one to call since it is the weekend.  I am sure there are lots of frustrated people this weekend as they rushed to do laundry, store water and with the low pressure, everything will twice or even triple as long. I’m gone on Monday morning back to Singapore. I just hope everything will back to normal by the time I come back or someone gonna get a yelling for sure.


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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

CandleGot a circular in the mail yesterday from TNB that states that there will be a temporary disturbance to the electricity supply later today in our condo area. They will be changing meters that are 15years of age and although the change itself will only take 15minutes to an hour, they estimate the disturbance will be from 8am to 5pm.

I hope there wouldn’t be any complications and everything will be back to normal again at the end of the day. Just in case, I’m standing by with some candles. Lol!


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