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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

So, our friend, who recently had a heart attack is recovering very nicely after going through Angioplasty yesterday. Apparently he, who already has a high cholesterol condition, took too much mutton on his work trip to Kuantan over the weekend. Good thing he sensed something was wrong with him and went to the hospital immediately on Sunday or else….

Anyway, all is good now and though he still got to be monitored another 24hours, doctors are saying he might be discharged tomorrow if his condition stabilize tonight. We think he is going to be alright. He was cheerful and laughing away just now at his own antics that has caused him to land in the hospital.

Godspeed and Speedy Recovery Mus!


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Thursday, November 10, 2011

friendAs usual I always have a blast whenever the CNC ladies meet. We’ve been friends for more than a 15years and we try to meet up as often as we can whenever I come back home to Singapore.

Hard to imagine that Lilian has a son that just enlisted in national service, Shanti’s boy is 11years old and Li-Ming’s first born is already 9! Where did the time go?

We talked a lot of what’s going on in our life and work. We even talked about going on a weekend of cheap holidays abroad some day so much so that I suggested the ladies come over to KL for weekend. We could stay in some hotel, order room service and have a slumber party of mocktails and dancing and if loud music is a factor, we can all put the same song in our phone, plugin in the headphone into our respective ears, hit the play button and dance away.. lol!

The 3 hours that we spent today passed by too fast too. Before we knew it, our handphone was all ringing from calls from either child or husband signify that it was time to go home.

Sigh.. gonna miss my ladies and hope that weekend trip become a reality one day! Oh no picture as these ladies are all camera shy.. lol!


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Thursday, September 8, 2011

chocolateOne of my friend is retiring soon in Singapore and he is having a retirement party next week. My plan was to accompany mommy home and at the same time attend the party but with Jam Jam in the hospital and going through surgery next week, I decided that it is best to send my regrets and send him a retirement gift instead from here. Since he is a bit of a strawberries and chocolate lover, I thought I send him a nice box of richly coated strawberries this time and then probably treat him to a nice dinner when I’m back in Singapore.



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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I don’t know what prompted me to visit facebook that day but I was glad I did as I noticed a wall post from Emila to Nessa planning a meet and when I saw that Mariuca might be joining too, I invited myself to join! I missed my nite out with my girls back in Singapore so this was definitely something that I look forward to… and I had a blast! Emila was so nice to pick me up and send me home.. love ya…and thanks ladies for having me!

Oh by the way.. Happy Birthday Nessa!!!


LJ, Mariuca, Emila and Nessa


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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

When you marry someone, you marry their life and your partner’s family become your family much like your partner’s friends become your friends. Well, today we lost a very dear friend, a very kind, loyal, friendly, ever helpful friend that is loved by many. People always have nice and good things to say about Fik and he is well-respected in his field of work as well.

Our Unifi was down yesterday so we slept early. Around 1am thereabout, Azwaj’s phone starting ringing followed by numerous text messages. He finally got up and check his message and was stunned when we got word that Fik was in the ICU and was in critical situation. We knew Fik was ill but we also knew that he was seeking help and that his condition was improving. Anyway around 3am, Azwaj received word that we were able to visit him in the ICU anytime because of his condition. It seems he was already on life support and the outcome was grim. As such the doctor was opening up visiting hours for people to say their goodbyes. We immediately got ready and rushed to the hospital.

Fik was already in a coma. He was on all sorts of machines and tubes was everywhere. We prayed for him, stayed a while to talk to and consoled his mother and sister and left around dawn as there was nothing we can do anyway. Once Azwaj arrived home, he sms their mutual friends and updated them on Fik’s condition.

Around 8am, another friend called to let us know that Fik was no longer with us. It felt so unreal. There was simply no words to explained how both of us felt that precise moment.

Zul Fikhri bin Ismail was laid to rest in the Kajang Cemetery today, 17th May 2011. May he rest in peace, leaving behind all pain and suffering as he meets our maker. Al-Fatihah..


You will be missed dear friend…

I am going to miss your muffled words that I used to love to tease you about.

I’m gonna miss your laughter

I’m gonna miss your love for the kitties when you come over…

I’m gonna miss you..


Al-Fatihah for Fik
October 21. 1974 - 17 May, 2011



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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I was just reading Wiehanne‘s blog today and noticed that she was trying out wedding gowns.. Yeap.. wedding gowns! Our friend is ending her long distance relationship and tying the know with her boyfriend. How awesome is that!? I just love weddings and I get excited just by reading her blog on how she tried out 15 gowns and had to choose only 4. I’m sure she would look beautiful on her special day.

From what I read, only one thing is bothering her and that is she needs to gain weight! Ahh.. the girl don’t know what is asking for. Here I am contemplating taking diet pills and she talks about difficulty gaining weight. Just eat and eat and eat girlfriend! LOL!

I just want to take this opportunity to congratulate Wiehanne and her groom-to-be. May your love last forever and I wish you all the happiness in the world!


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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Meeting old friends are always nice. To catch up on new developments, catch up on old times and old gossips and just to renew the friendship.

We met up with Azwaj’s childhood friend yesterday at the Blue Zone Cafe over at Waterfront Ampang. As always, the food was great but the company was greater. We talked about family, Azwaj’s new entertainment portal and even blogging. It seems Jeepang have a blog of his own too on Malaysian Antiques. He just need the right motivation to continue his blogging and I had hope that our conversation yesterday would spur him on kenyit!

I did not really get a chance to know his wife as she was a tad bit distracted with their two year old daughter who, after having half a plate of chicken rice was extremely energized and wanted to roam the streets on her own. So you can see we really need to meet up again to talk about girly stuff and get to know each other better before we can talk about sensitive issues like pills for diet and stuff..senyumkenyit

They have invited us to their home one day and Jeepang suggested that we accompany them to Kuantan when they next visit his wife’s hometown.. Hmm.. I guess I need a cat sitter eh?


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Monday, May 26, 2008

I’ve always been a city girl and growing up in sunny Singapore, cows or cattles freely feeding in open land is not a common sight for me. Not that we have that many open land anyway sengihnampakgigi.

So just like me, other Singaporean bred kids , I reckon don’t grow up with that sight either. So is it any wonder if a friend of mine who just returned from Malaysia messaged me one night and told me how embarrassed she was when her and her kids were visiting a cattle supplies farm and her son excitedly exclaimed at the top his voice “MOMMY! HORSES MOMMY! HORSES!”…gelakguling

I don’t know who to sympathize with, the mommy or the son…malu


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