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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Have I told you I got a new phone??!! Well I did.. Yeay!!!

The phone that I am using for my Singapore number, the Sony Ericsson keeps hanging on me, so I reckon it’s time to get a replacement.  I wanted a good phone but don’t really want to spend too much on it but I do know one thing.. I wanted a HTC phone because I simply love the internet passthrough feature  (works like reverse tethering where you share your pc internet connection with your phone via usb cable)  that it has.

So I shopped around online like some sort of  yo yos, bouncing from one shop to another  and found a store in Singapore that sold the HTC Rhyme at SGD390 which is relatively cheap as even in Malaysia, the cost is still around RM1400 (thereby saving me  about RM600!).

Anyway, here she is.. I would have loved to get the plum color casing as advertised but the shop only has this greyish green one but at the price I got I am not complaining.

htc rhyme

htc rhyme has its own docking station

HTC Rhyme, made specially for women,  comes with a charm (that can dangled outside your handbag) that when attached to the audio jack will blink whenever you have a call. Handy to have when your phone is buried inside your bag somewhere. It also has it’s own docking station that can be used for charging and listening to your MP3. Super awesome!!!




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