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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I met up with blogging BFF, Emila and Marzie last night and it was a blast… and I lost my voice from talking and laughing so!  Anyway, Emila passed me this novel that I won in one of her contest. It’s a  novel called “Salina” by our very famous author, A.Samad Said and … it’s an autographed copy to me! How awesome right? Can wait to start reading!

salina the novel

A Personally Signed Autographed copy!


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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

dj controllerAzwaj has found this awesome channel on youtube which featured medleys of songs from the 80s and both me and him have been singing like crazy.. I have officially lost my voice.. lol. Oh how I wished we had one of those pioneer ddj sx mixers then me and Azwaj can do our own mix. How cool will that be right?

Anyway, will definitely feature those songs for Music Monday this Monday. So watch this spot 🙂


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Monday, February 27, 2012

At this moment, it is unsure how long I will be in Singapore this time around. If I can get all my work done by Thursday then I can leave for home on Friday but if that is not possible, I think I would have to spend the weekend there as well.

tartlet class

Looking forward to a tartlet making class

I hate travelling over the weekend as the number of cars going into Malaysia, even though I will be on the second link, is horrendous over the weekend. It’s as if, all Singaporean escape to Malaysia during that time causing the coach that I’ll likely be on to be stuck in a massive traffic jam. I had the same experience twice and like they say, once bitten twice shy right. I mean a 10minute ride can last as long as 2-3hours and I don’t think I want to go that that torture! Yeah I can probably watch a movie on my phone or day dream of a fantastic spain holiday  sightseing soaking in all the wonderful things that I’m sure I can find in Spain while the coach go through the jam, but I rather spend the 3hour in Singapore doing something else. My BFF, who is a fantastic baker, is having a class on tart making session on Saturday so I reckon I can attend that one. It would make a more fantastic blog post then a 3hour jam right?



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Friday, August 6, 2010

I was doing Caroline’s blog makeover and moving  her widgets around when I noticed a badge for Book Sneeze. Curious as a cat, I checked out the site and it seems that it’s a book review program where as bloggers, you can signup and once your account is approved, you can request for any book that is available for review. Basically, they would mail the books to you and once you’ve finished reading the book, you review it on your blog and submit the link to the program.

As I’ve not read a book for sooooo long, I think this is an awesome program to get me started again. My account has just been approved and I’ve requested for my first book. I can’t wait to to receive, read and review it.

Guess Which Book I Chose..

Yeay! I’m reading again!


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Saturday, June 20, 2009

One thing about moving is that sometimes when you pack certain stuff, you label them generally and at that moment of time, you think you will know what those code words means when you unpack.. so boxes end up labeled as ‘vanity top” or “personal – no need to open” and then they end up not opened!

This was what happened to my perfume collection. They all ended up in a box that said “vanity drawers – do not open” and that’s how they remained “not opened” for three years!

As I was moving boxes to the new apartment today, I saw this “epic” box, as GP called it, and decided to just opened it. As I was slitting the tape, I noticed a nice scent emitting out from the box and I smiled. Ah ha! I thought. This must be the box that had my perfume in it! True enough.. there it was.. in a green container nicely tucked away! So ladies and gentleman..I present my lovely perfume.. nothing much or special but I was so happy I found it so I thought I share.. lol!!

GP!! This post is for you!!! heheh.. I found my box!!! Woott!!!


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