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Monday, February 24, 2014

Went shopping with mom today at Wangsa Walk and Azwaj joined us for late lunch at The Fish Manhattan Market. Yums!

Fish Manhattan lunch with dearest mommy and Mr Love.

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

On my last trip to Singapore, I decided that I would bring my mom for a facial spa day. So I looked around at Groupon Singapore and found a perfect one nearby where we live. So on 1st March, both me and mom went for a facial spa day.

The offer was really economical as for SGD$23, we got 75 min Facial, Face Mask, Eye Treatment, Eyebrow Trimming, Neck and Shoulder Massage plus an additional Ampoule treatment. My mom also got to experience her first real spa experience. How cool is that right?

spa day

All in all, it was a really nice experience for both of us and my mom told me her face never felt so smooth and clean before.. lol!


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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Today is my mom’s birthday and although she is not internet savvy and will never know of this entry (unless of course I show her when I see her on my next trip), I just wanted to say






My mom also got a really really nice surprise. A two layered Salted Caramel birthday cake from my cousin, Kak Lin, of Farday Bakes. I am so sad coz I don’t get to enjoy the cake but what’s important is my mom was extremely happy and that makes me HAPPY.. so thank you Kak Lin!!

mak's birthday cake 2012

Oh an a shoutout to my blogging buddy Emila Yusof. It’s her birthday too!! Happy birthday dearie!


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Thursday, October 14, 2010

If my kitchen is forever busy since mommy’s presence, my living room is lively with the sound of tv shows that mommy is watching. Sometimes me and Azwaj often wondered why on earth we subscribe to cable tv since we hardly watch tv but with mommy here all that subscription seems so worth it. It’s nice to hear the living room so activated 🙂

I have some work to do now but will be joining her soon to watch a local drama together. Have a great Friday all!


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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Nothing beats year-end shopping and even though I already shopped in Singapore on my trip back, I can’t help but shopped more when I so called accompanied my mommy shopping when she was here last two weeks.

Mommy spent almost RM600 (I swear if she was not worried about the heavy luggage that she had to lug back, she’d be buying electrical supplies too) while me, a modest RM300! lol.. Modest indeed eh? I can’t helped myself, everything was going at a sale. Who can resist 70% discount right?


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Saturday, November 21, 2009

I called my mom this morning around 8am before I went to sleep. We chatted a bit about my upcoming home visit, my frustration that this time around I would not be able to bring Miss Fly along and the trouble we’ve been having with the car and that we probably need to get new car accessories to replace the one that was worn off. After hanging up, I went to bed.

I woke up about 3pm and noticed a few missed calls on my handphone and it was all from my mom. I called her back immediately thinking that something was wrong as she would not call because she knew I was sleeping. Well something was wrong, her tv set does not have sound, as in there are pictures but no sound and she wanted to know if she had pressed some mute button accidentally on the remote.. lol!


I told her that the tv probably need replacing as even on my previous visit I noticed that the color was a bit off. I told my mom to knock the tv set a bit on the side or at the top and she laughed hysterically saying that won’t work. I told her to try it and she said.. “Oklah” .. that somehow told me she didn’t believe!

We hung up and just as I was about to go to the kitchen, my handphone rang again and it was mommy dearest.. again laughing hysterically on the other line saying…”I knocked it.. I knocked the tv and the sound came on!!”.. She asked me how I knew to knock it and I told her.. “well OLD stuffs are like that.. that’s why sometimes I have to knock YOU”.. haha.. and again she laughed hysterically before saying “kurang ajar” (rude girl) lol!!!!

Don’t I have the cutest mom?


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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

mommy birthday

I have the best relatives in the world!!
Happy Birthday Mommy and Get Well Soon Mak Mah!

Last Saturday, my aunt planned a family gathering as a thanksgiving that her knee surgery went well and since last Wednesday, 21 October, was also my mom’s birthday, she decided to throw her sister (my mom) a little surprise party! My aunt and her daughter, K.Lin, planned and got everything ready without saying anything to my mom about the birthday party. It must have been difficult to keep the secret as my mom and my aunt speak on the phone almost everyday and tell each other everything!

The party went great, mom had fun and even got presents! I had fun looking through all the pictures that day. Some even brought me to tears!! Thanks again to Mak Mah and K.Lin for everything.. “I terharu!!”


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Thursday, October 23, 2008

We left early on 22 October for an appointment at the National Eye Center in Singapore. Mommy’s appointment was for 9.50am but I figured because we had to walk slowly because of mom’s blurred vision and the usual “can’t find one when we need them” taxi syndrome, it was safer to leave at 8.30am.

We were lucky as we were able to catch a taxi real fast and was able to reach the place a little after 9.15am. After registration, mom had to go through the initial eye and the pressure test (same as what was done in Malaysia). After about half an hour later, we met up with the doctor. He was very patient as I explained the events from last week – the visit to the eye specialist in KL, the new pair of specs, and the intermittent double vision.

He looked at my mom’s eye through an eye machine and his first diagnosis was cataract. He’s able to see some but he said it’s not serious but some people might find it annoying enough. Because we were there for a second opinion, he wanted to do the dilation test yet again. So they put some drops in both mom’s eyes and we have to wait for the eyes to react to it.

We waited quite a bit here even after her pupils were fully dilated and when we re-entered the doc’s room again, he apologized for the delay as they had to attend to a Cambodian minister first. Anyway, the results were all good. Mom’s retina is clear and nothing to worry about.

So, final diagnosis is : Mom’s eye duct is a tad over-active, causing the gland to excrete too much oil causing the vision to go blur and for her to experience the double vision.

He prescribed Novartis Lid-Care for daily eyelid hygiene and two types of antibiotics to be applied in the eye, Fucithalmic and Optodexine. He told us that should solve the double vision but if the blurriness persist, it is most likely cause by the cataract. We have another appointment to see him on 3 December which is 6 weeks from now.

Thank you to all who’s been interested in my mother’s development. You guys are my BFF for sure love


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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Someone that my mother know has told her recently that when you’re 60years and over, you can’t possibly get breast cancer! So I am really pissed at this someone as my mom’s doctor had specifically told my mother that he wanted her to go through a mammogram examination.

I think it’s probably because my mother is scared so she’s using this person explanation as an excuse not to go. I managed to explained to her that she had nothing to fear and it is always better to be in the know then not. I also promised her I would be there with her for the appointment and that somehow made her feel more comfortable with the whole thing.

So folks, I’m going home the last week of May!

Hmm.. I guess I better get Azwaj’s car insurance renewed before then huh?


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