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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Each year, the company that I worked for in Singapore would have what they call an off-site event. These off-site would be a three days/two nights an all overseas expenses paid trip. During these off-site events, we’ll have meetings, team building programs and generally be given an overview of what the company had achieved the year before and what the company’s initiatives are going to be for that year. It was always fun as it gave us an opportunity to interact with each other outside the office environment and see the partners and vice-president at their most casual behavior.

The last year I was with Bain, our offsite event brought me to Vietnam. As much as I enjoyed my time there because of the company and shopping, I doubt I’ll be visiting the place again though. For one, the food sucks (except for the Dragon Fruit) unlike our trip to Bangkok. For another, pollution was an all time high and it’s a dirty place with men generally peeing everywhere on the sidewalk.

One place that I enjoyed going to though was Chu Chi Tunnel. It has lots of history and I was able to see first hand how small the tunnels are (although according to the guide, it was actually much smaller but had been enlarged to accommodate bigger tourist). I also went into the tunnels to get a feel of what it was like to live in one of those tunnels as shown in the pictures below.

Chuchi tunnel_01 Chuchi tunnel_02 Chuchi tunnel_03

Chuchi tunnel_04 Chuchi tunnel_05 Chuchi tunnel_06


Oh’s and here’s LJ at one of the tunnel’s entrances. See how small it it? And here you can also see LJ holding an AK47 submachine gun. It cost USD1.00 per bullet.. I had two tries, both shot totally missing the target. The gun was heavy and each shot sent me backwards a few steps.





You know, me, being a city girl and a person who always had the modern life like a proper house, proper bed, proper kitchen, a proper bathroom with shower faucets, would never ever be able to survive during those times. I keep telling Azwaj that if ever there was a WW3 (touching wood), I would be among the first to die.. of that I am sure  😐


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