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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I just finished my Sushi dinner and was relaxing with the kitties in front of the television. Gianto was on tummy, kneading his paws “making bread” when all of a sudden a loud “BOOM” from someone playing firecracker was heard. Gianto is a very timid cat and once he heard the loud sound he jumped and clamored off my tummy with claws out and ran for shelter.

Now can you imaging the HOWL I let out at the pain? Imagine four legs with who knows how many sharp claws that came out as he rush off was used on my tummy. I don’t know what the neighbour thought of the howl but they sort of let out a scream too and whoever the person was that lighted the firecracker stopped immediately!

I immediately washed the wound and placed “minyak gamat” on it.. and there were a few all on my tummy. OMG the pain that I had to endure when I showered just now. I was cursing that the person lost three fingers or more in that “explosion”  … and I am still cursing..  I mean you can have your fun but when your fun is at my expense.. that is another thing altogether!

So if you love playing firecracker but your “love” is causing me pain.., then considered yourself cursed..  Nuff said!


This is just one of the scratch.. lots more of them!


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