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Monday, January 2, 2012

resolution2012I am breaking tradition for the year 2012. Typically I don’t make resolutions but this year, I thought that I might try this resolution thing to try to change my lifestyle. Keyword here is of course “TRY”

    • Be a normal person – Typically I sleep at dawn and wake up around noon. This year I want to try to sleep at a decent hour and wake up in the morning
    • Exercise – I think I am getting “bigger” each year and since I want to grow old gracefully and still look in my fifties, I reckon I better start making full use of the gym downstairs
    • Work less – My idea of keeping a timer to keep track of how many hours I work each day is paying off. I have more time for myself now and even have time to play games on Facebook and watch a little tv now and then
    • Take time off – I seriously need to plan for a holiday, even if it’s any one of those Cheap Holidays locally. A nice weekend or even a week away with Azwaj, from the normal routine at home would be nice for sure. I believe it’s achievable to take some time off and still get my work done. I need to pace myself and planning my work hours helps.

Ok.. I think that will do. I better not get over ambitious about this resolution thing. lol

Happy 2012 all and what is your resolution this year?



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