Thursday, July 31, 2008

I desperately need vacation right about now. I actually went to bed this morning with chest pain because I was so angry with our internet connection. The speed is fluctuating like mad. I can’t even respond to comments on my blogs. Currently I am even just popping out my emails on outlook express coz the sight of that “processing” and “still working” dialog is making me sick.. literally! I’m ready to pull hair and if I go bald after this, I gonna so sue someone!!!

That being said, I think Branson Missouri would be a great place to go on a holiday this time around. I can visit their Silver Dollar City and go on the rides there and scream my heart out over all the frustrations that I’ve been going through with my internet connection, Streamyx. I can go and watch the shows that they put up daily and forget my worries for the time being and I can even probably enjoy their cabin at Great Mountain.

Yeah Branson Missouri would be just perfect.


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You know how sometimes when it’s that time of the month and you simply cannot stop eating? Well, it’s that time of the month for me now. After my huge dinner, I had two bowls of ice-cream. Then in about an hour time, I was eating durian. And all along while blogging, I was munching on my cheesy biscuit. Now I ‘m hungry again and waiting for my yummy Nasi Lemak stall to open so I can have that for breakfast.

Sometimes I wonder if there is anything I can take to curb this gorging exercise that I go through monthly. Hmm.. I have to read that Fenphedra review now and see if it can work for me..


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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What worst than not having tap water? Dirty tap water, that’s what!

I came from a country that always have clean tap water so when I first arrived in Malaysia and see how dirty some water filters were, I must admit I was a little concern about the quality of the drinking water. Because even if you were using Moen faucets, dirty water ain’t gonna cut it! So a lot of us here have to resort to the use of filters at our main pipes to clean the water before it comes out from our taps. The good news is that the government is aware of this problem and switching of water pipes around the country is taking place. We just have to be patient before it reaches our turn.


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