Friday, January 19, 2018

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Not everyone can have a holiday, Sadly, factors such as when, where and who must be considered carefully especially since you do not want to waste your hard earned money on a frivolous trip. Costa Rica luxury vacations is highly recommended to those who wish to splurge on a once in a lifetime experience. Of course, there are a few tricks of the trade you ought to know if you want your money and time to be worth it. On that note, here are a few “hacks” you have to remember for your trip.

Don’t change your money at the airport

When it comes to money, the United States Dollar is accepted in most establishments across Costa Rica; however, not everyone wants to use their dollars when out and about as for some. Plan out your expenses and have your money exchanged anywhere but the airport. Contrary to what some may say, the airport actually has some of the lower in the country. Same with your hotel; even if your front desk can change your money to Costa Rican colons, don’t since they also have low rates. Instead, opt for a major bank to have your money changed.

Get some Costa Rican coffee

One of the best scents to wake up to is the fragrant scent of coffee. It’s one of the world’s most consumed drinks and many consider it to be an essential to their daily life. In Costa Rica, you’re assured that what’s in your cup is some of the best Arabica grounds on the planet. Arabica coffee has a softer, sweeter taste and higher acidity compared to Robusta.  Thanks to a law passed in 1989, it is literally illegal for Costa Rican farmers to produce bad coffee. So, when in Costa Rica, drink coffee and purchase some as souvenirs; after all, it’s not every day that you’ll get to bring home superior coffee.

Reserve a car in advance

If you’re not exactly keen on public transportation and prefer to have control over your own schedule and destinations, then perhaps you might be the type of traveler who rents vehicles for their own use during their stay in Costa Rica. It’s highly advisable not to let a vehicle on the spot at the airport. This is due to the fact that car rental companies at the airport can add a rather hefty charge of up to 12% to their rates as compared to outside companies. Contact rental companies in the city or town before leaving for Costa Rica and reserve your vehicle. This will not only save you money, but it will also save you the unwanted stress of not having the vehicle you wanted to rent.

Eat local

Did you know that some of the best food in Costa Rica can be found not inside a big restaurant, but in small, local eateries called Sodas? They may not look much from the outside, but it’s what’s they are serving that matters. Sodas are usually open spaced and serve the most delicious local fare. Try the Casado, which is rice, meat, fried plantains or cassava, beans and salad, or Ollade Carne, which is a beef and vegetable stew with sweet potato, plantains, taro root and corn. As for dessert, try the Arroz con Leche, which is a rice pudding made with milk, cinnamon, and sugar.

B.Y.O. A. (Bring Your Own Alcohol)

If you and your companions plan to do any drinking while in Costa Rica, then you better bring your own liquor. Unlike other countries that allow probably a maximum of two liters, you can bring in up to five liters in your check- in baggage. This is especially useful since not all alcohol is affordable in Costa Rica, such as rum which might turn out to be cheaper in your country.

Be prepared to spend

Costa Rica most certainly lives up to the meaning of its name which is “Rich Coast’ since some things here can be more expensive than the United States. In fact, it’s the most expensive country in Central America When it comes to water, just bring a reusable bottle since the tap water in Costa Rica is potable. Expect transportation to be on the upper scale since gasoline is quite expensive here. Clothing is also more expensive in Costa Rica, so do try not to forget any necessary clothing at home.

Bring binoculars

Costa Rica is known for its insanely amazing flora and fauna; it’s no wonder why biologists and wildlife experts flock the country! With that in mind, you must know your limits and know when to and when not to approach an interesting specimen of an animal or insect. For example, keep your distance when it comes to feral cats like jaguars or pumas. This is where a pair of binoculars comes in. With it in hand, you can admire the wildlife from a distance without the need to force your eyes to spot it. Alongside a pair of binoculars should be a basic wildlife manual on the fauna of Costa Rica to help you name what you just saw.

When on vacation visiting a tropical spot, find every way you can to truly enjoy the experience. After all, you don’t exactly get to wake up near the beach on a daily basis. So what are you waiting for? Grab your phone and call your friends or family; it’s time to plan an epic vacation for the books.

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Thursday, August 24, 2017

It was a nice Thursday morning. Nice weather, no sign of rain and everything was going as planned. Azwaj and I had a light breakfast and around 8.15am, we left our house to run some errands. Traffic was good, the sun wasn’t out yet so it was a nice cool ride. Perfect, everything was perfect until, we turned the corner at Bulatan Kampung Pandan.. then WHAM!

oil slick

Some oil slick was on the road at the corner and before we knew it we were on the ground, “gliding” with the motorbike on the hard road for several seconds. When the motorbike finally stopped, the first thing I said was “What happened?!” I was in shock and I can’t even remember if I screamed when we fell (A said I didn’t). The next thing I knew A was on his feet, there were a two other riders that stopped and helped pick up the bike. I couldn’t get up. There was pain on my knee but as my jeans were not ripped, I didn’t know what the wound actually looked like. All I knew was my knee hurt and I could not move my leg although it wasn’t squashed by the motorbike. It was only after A helped remove my leg then only I was able to move and limped slowly to the side of the road.

It seems when we were going down and “gliding”, Azwaj had, with his utmost strength, held on to the bike so that the bike would not fall on our legs when it eventually stopped. In the process.. well.. lets let the pictures do the talking..

My injury was still unknown at this point because it was covered by my jeans but we could see bleeding so we know there was a wound there only we don’t know to what extent.

Once we were home…

Well, the day didn’t go as planned but we are still thankful. Thankful that there was no vehicle behind us when we fell. Thankful that the other rider didn’t fall alongside us causing more injury. Thankful that although we were badly bruised and wounded, we didn’t break or sprained anything. Thankful we are experiencing all this pain which means all our body is functional and last but definitely not least.. thankful we are still alive.

We are hurting and the painkiller is our new best friend for now but the healing process is progressing nicely.

Keep us in your prayers ya… Amen

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Saturday, February 18, 2017

It’s gonna be 25 years in April since you left us and the memory is still fresh in my mind.

I miss you every single day and each time I look at your picture I smile along with that goofy smile of you..

Happy birthday Ayah…I miss you so much.. Al-fatiha….

I Miss You Dad

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